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    • I use Dougie Fresh and add about 2 ounces per 5 Gallons of mix. 
    • How much surfactant would you add to a 55 gallon drum of bleach? Or How many gallons of bleach and surfactant to equal a 55 gallon drum? I have a kingslinger and mixing station, but I heard you say you add your surfactant to your bleach instead of using a surfactant tank, so I was curious. Thanks, Josh 
    • I have a question I am interested in purchasing a ball valve set up my current power washer I use is a 3400 psi and I have a 3700 psi power washer which ball valve set up do I need. They are Dewalt Home Depot power washers. SKU DRSHPSU  Or  SKU DRSBVSK I would like to purchase the most common one that all guys use across the board this way if I get a more powerful power washer I will be covered  I am going to choose the DIY version but with the DIY version how do I select the plug-in socket out or does it just come standard and how do I know what the plug-in socket out is do I base it off the picture it's on your website? I am new to power washing.   This is the most common one used, https://www.dougruckerstore.com/products/ball-valve-set-up/ and has been used on pressure washers 4000-5000psi with no issues.  You can also use the higher-pressure ball valve option, but it is much harder to turn. I am going to choose the DIY version but with the DIY version how do I select the plug-in socket out or does it just come standard it will come with the parts unassembled and you choose which on you want as the out and how do I know what the plug-in socket out is do I base it off the picture it's on your website? The picture on the web site is how I do mine, with the plug out. Basically your “out” fitting is the fitting the water will come out of.  Some guys prefer the female coupler as the out, some, like me, the plug.  It really all depends on how you have your machine set up.  If the lead fitting off the machine, the one the water comes out of, is the female coupler, then that’s how your ball valve would be set up.   If it’s the plug, then the plug on the ball valve should be the plug.    You should not need a more powerful (PSI) machine than what you have, but you when you upgrade look for going with more GPM, 5-8GPM, 2700-3500PSI.  More GPM will allow you to clean faster, better, and be more productive. 
    • Hey TJ, great to have you and welcome aboard.  Be sure to check out the forum here titled "My Answers", it's filled with lots of questions students ask me and my answers.  Also in case you don't know, you can get this forum as an app on your phone in the App Store.  Just search Doug Rucker School and it will pop up.  
    • Hello I’m TJ and I’m from Harrisburg Illinois. Thanks for the free info. It has been a big help. I lost my job and went through a divorce back in 2020. I had been trying to figure out some way of making a good living and be my own boss. I bought a Honda gx 200 and a comet pump on a aluminum skid from a guy up the road from me that deals in lawn mowers. Now I’m trying to put together a business with very little funds and being able to see what works and seeing other people’s experiences on the app is very helpful. I’m planning on hitting it hard and hopefully I can have some of those $1000 days in the near future. When that happens I will be a loyal customer and use your product line and I will purchase the online classes. I still have some stuff to get before I can go spray but couple more paychecks and I should have everything I need to get out there and get it. Thanks for all you do for the pressure washing and soft wash community!!!!     Sent from my iPhone using Doug Rucker's Pressure Cleaning School mobile app
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