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  3. I do not, but I have in the past. It really all depends on the condition of the RV/Travel Trailer. The ones I've done are usually heavy with algae and organic growth, so I used a house wash mix. If they are just wanting a wash down then I'd use a surfactant like our Dougie Fresh only. Pretty much like washing a car.
  4. Doug, do you provide RV/Travel Trailer washing? What detergent/chemical or mix would you suggest for this? Sent from my SM-N960U using Doug Rucker's Pressure Cleaning School mobile app
  5. Ahhh. I see. I thought you were talking about pages on Citysearch and such. A good thing to do if you're focusing on local SEO for the local search 6-pack (or it used to be). If you have a physical office then it might be smart but, as far as I know, the system is still heavily dependent on the city central "centroid". You'd have to get a lot of citations and reviews to overcome it. Doable but it would take awhile. Doug, are you creating unique content for each page? I did a search for a company who I formerly worked for and they had tons of pages, nationally, for local areas. They were, I believe, in Kentucky and we were in Oregon. It looked like they scraped content from Wikipedia for the area and put some generic info about the product they were selling. Usually, this wouldn't fly because of the duplicate content filter but the competition on the search page was so thin that Google ranked it pretty high. I ended up making some content to dislodge it or at least gain a foothold on the page. How are your pages working out? I just checked. I ended up dislodging the page with my own and getting the homepage ranked as well. Pushed it down to 4th rank. I did the search from a santized incognito window (ie. I was not signed in for personalized search). It was "Tier Rack". I have an unreleased Youtube video I made of my original findings. I should go find it because I believe they were ranked 1st at the time.
  6. I will be hosting my next Difference Maker Pressure Washing School In Houston Texas February 20,21 at the Marriott Kingwood. I've invited two great friends, Ray Burke and Pat Clark to join me. Here is a video discussing what we will be teaching as well as a link to sign up. https://www.pressurecleaningschool.com/event/pressure-washing-difference-maker-school/
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