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  2. Ahhh. I see. I thought you were talking about pages on Citysearch and such. A good thing to do if you're focusing on local SEO for the local search 6-pack (or it used to be). If you have a physical office then it might be smart but, as far as I know, the system is still heavily dependent on the city central "centroid". You'd have to get a lot of citations and reviews to overcome it. Doable but it would take awhile. Doug, are you creating unique content for each page? I did a search for a company who I formerly worked for and they had tons of pages, nationally, for local areas. They were,
  3. I will be hosting my next Difference Maker Pressure Washing School In Houston Texas February 20,21 at the Marriott Kingwood. I've invited two great friends, Ray Burke and Pat Clark to join me. Here is a video discussing what we will be teaching as well as a link to sign up. https://www.pressurecleaningschool.com/event/pressure-washing-difference-maker-school/
  4. I don't think I knew it was your birthday...wish I'd of known, my wife would of made a cake....lol....Happy Belated and great meeting you.
  5. It was truly an honor to be a part of this class and school! A birthday I’ll never forget!
  6. thank YOU Sensei Doug! It was a pleasure learning from you with the abundance knowledge , experience and glad to be part of your SCHOOL!!! Thank you for all you do. Ill be sure to do you Proud.
  7. Welcome aboard, Ca, it was great meeting you here this week and look forward to continuing working with you to help in any way I can.
  8. Hi there, my name is Ca Huynh and i just completed Doug Ruckers School of pressure washing. i just first off say thank YOU to Doug for providing this great school to teach people like myself who are interested and driven to start a pressure washing business on my own. He is VERY knowledgeable, cares about his students and the success. I believe he gave us the essential and critical tools we need to succeed. Im here in the bay area California, the climate is a bit different than Houston but hope to still be able to consider pressure washing a viable business here. Im just another c
  9. Look awesome Donald....look up Everett Abrams, the wizard of wood Also I hear good things about Caleb Roth with Stan & Seal Experts
  10. Only our 2nd wood restoration job learned alot of do’s and Don’t. Who’s the wood restoration King out here? I would like to talk with him.
  11. 30 years this house has never been cleaned or sealed
  12. I definitely agree. I’m in the ball park but could stand to go up just a bit. Thanks for the input and the response Sent from my iPhone using Doug Rucker's Pressure Cleaning School mobile app
  13. A few different ways I'll price a roof... 1) I shoot for or start with .28-30 cents a square foot. Higher if Tile 2) I mostly base my price off of the variables of the job, How dirty it is, how much roof debris, gutter debris, pitch, gutters or no gutters, if no gutters is the drip line right above plants or shrubs?, landscaping issues, etc.....some times it basically coms time to what I think the job is worth and how much time it is. Sometimes a not so dirty roof can take longer than a real dirty roof, depending on the variables mentioned above. There are many around my are
  14. Welcome aboard, great to have you here...
  15. My name is James Nelson with B3 Concepts. I recently moved from a GC to pressure washing services only. I am in the process of adding disinfection services also thanks to the Corona Virus. Something I probably wouldn't have thought of otherwise. I used to do a lot of pressure washing years ago. Used pump sprayers and extension ladders for soft washing! Appreciate you sharing all your knowledge, Doug. I watch every video I can.
  16. Doug I have a question. What is your normal method and rate for bidding shingle roof jobs. I’m just wondering if I am in the right ball park. I don’t loose many but that also makes me wonder if I’m underbidding Sent from my iPhone using Doug Rucker's Pressure Cleaning School mobile app
  17. Welcome aboard Clayton Sent from my iPhone using Doug Ruckers School
  18. Hi folks Clayton Llewellyn here with CGL Solutions in Mocksville NC. I have been in the business for about 10 years with my painting company but decided to go 100% Washing. Always eager to learn more and look forward to interacting. Thank you Doug for the acceptance Sent from my iPhone using Doug Rucker's Pressure Cleaning School mobile app
  19. My favorite soft wash gun Sent from my iPhone using Doug Ruckers School
  20. Here's a question on equipment recommendations I received: Q: We are looking for a soft wash program mainly roof washing and house cleaning, the normal. Our business is leaned towards more high end communities. Like I've stated, we've been doing power washing for over five years. We use primarily Landa power washers and our main rig has 2 with 2, 500 gallon tanks. We use a combination of different solutions and have found a syst that works for power washing. We are normally booked passed a month. My main reason for looking into soft wash is the efficiency of it. What type of set up would
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