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  1. thank YOU Sensei Doug! It was a pleasure learning from you with the abundance knowledge , experience and glad to be part of your SCHOOL!!! Thank you for all you do. Ill be sure to do you Proud.
  2. Hi there, my name is Ca Huynh and i just completed Doug Ruckers School of pressure washing. i just first off say thank YOU to Doug for providing this great school to teach people like myself who are interested and driven to start a pressure washing business on my own. He is VERY knowledgeable, cares about his students and the success. I believe he gave us the essential and critical tools we need to succeed. Im here in the bay area California, the climate is a bit different than Houston but hope to still be able to consider pressure washing a viable business here. Im just another cog in the machine of the rat race trying to get out of it, eventually one day living comfy Like Sensei Doug R ... I found out about Doug through Youtube ... GOOL ol TUBE. I have a family in which is my World, i love God, people, life and this country!. Peace
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