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    Neilsons Commercial Cleaning LLC
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    Commercial and residential pressure washing, No pressure roof washing, Parking lot cleaning, Sidewalks and walk ways. Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning,
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    John Neilson
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    Facebook. Ron Musgraves
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    Deltona Florida
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    I am a Jehovahs witness, I love preaching and finding people that are looking for answers to life's questions. I love fishing, fresh water bass, And ocean fishing, I love fishing for Blues. I enjoy cutting my grass on my riding mower. Its my new toy.

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  1. I want one, Apple is doing a lot to compete with samsung.
  2. Not me, I cant swing it, Im very upset. I learned a lot in the Orlando roundtable event. If any one can go then do so, you WILL learn a lot.
  3. Welcome Wayne, Glad to see your here. Im in Deltona Florida. I am usually a 1 man operation, I do have my part time worker for my KEC jobs and roof jobs. I would say if you have never Pressure washed before then you will definitely want to continue reading and watching videos. http://www.propowerwash.com/board/upload/vbtube.php If you have the funds to buy the equipment then go for it. By me there were a lot of guys that purchased big and went out of business. They sold their equipment dirt cheap. It was not because of a lack of work, they did not know how to market themselves. I
  4. Thanks for the welcome. Im very happy. I LOVE to network and help people. I am a positive person, not with out my flaws of coarse. I have spoken in front of many people, My biggest was about a 1200 person room count. I am no stranger to public speaking. Ron has some great stuff out there. I subscribe to his you tube and yours. Am I free to use the UAMCC logo on my website now?
  5. Yes they are, I am on a few. You can test it by signing up. Clearing all the cookies from your computer then search your name. I have had stuff come up that I did not remember doing.
  6. Not me. I don't know what to put on it.
  7. I started to follow Doug Rucker and Ron Musgraves on their you tube posts and they taught me not to overlook opportunities. I quoted a Fujiama restaurant for KEC, He didn't like my price, I sent them a post card, no response. 1 month later another post card , no response. 3 months later they called and ask me if I do windows. My first response was no to myself. I blurted out yes. I got a window account. So to make it worth my while I Looked for more window jobs, I obtained 2 banks. That's 3 now. Monthly gross is $190.00 Not to shabby for a newbie in windows. Total time was 2 hours. My timing
  8. Dumped. I found my time more productive by learning in the forums.
  9. John Neilson

    Neilson cleaning

    Sample pics of my work
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