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    Neilsons Commercial Cleaning LLC
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    Commercial and residential pressure washing, No pressure roof washing, Parking lot cleaning, Sidewalks and walk ways. Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning,
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    John Neilson
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    Facebook. Ron Musgraves
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    Deltona Florida
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    I am a Jehovahs witness, I love preaching and finding people that are looking for answers to life's questions. I love fishing, fresh water bass, And ocean fishing, I love fishing for Blues. I enjoy cutting my grass on my riding mower. Its my new toy.

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  1. I want one, Apple is doing a lot to compete with samsung.
  2. Not me, I cant swing it, Im very upset. I learned a lot in the Orlando roundtable event. If any one can go then do so, you WILL learn a lot.
  3. Welcome Wayne, Glad to see your here. Im in Deltona Florida. I am usually a 1 man operation, I do have my part time worker for my KEC jobs and roof jobs. I would say if you have never Pressure washed before then you will definitely want to continue reading and watching videos. http://www.propowerwash.com/board/upload/vbtube.php If you have the funds to buy the equipment then go for it. By me there were a lot of guys that purchased big and went out of business. They sold their equipment dirt cheap. It was not because of a lack of work, they did not know how to market themselves. I got a break when I started because the first thing I did was Letter my vehicle. I obtained a 31 building development because of my lettering, I gave them 125% and they gave me a letter of reference that is golden. That reference landed me residential, a couple of banks, and hopefully a sister company of the first (same foot print) with 72 buildings. This company will earn me 45k this upcoming year. I still did not count the roofs. I got some really nice business cards made up and hand them out to everyone, everywhere I go, I spoke to a woman in a paint store one time. turns out she is the supervisor for county 911 dispatch. I got customers from her. Other dispatchers. Another important factor will be your chemicals. ( always say solutions , or wash mix to the customers ) Here in Florida I mostly use liquid pool chlorine from either pinch a penny or Leslie's. I did find a local distributor that can beat their prices by almost .80 cents a gallon. shop around. Take a class if you can. above all Not a sales pitch. Join the http://www.uamcc.org/ I am a member and it sure looks good to have your business listed with such a credible organization.plus you get discounts on equipment should you go this route. The free gifts and discounts from the sponsors more than make up for the cost. plus you will help the industry fade out the low ballers that are working dirt cheap and providing crap work. One customer told me he hired me because , " if you do work for a bank then I know you can be trusted" Its a small donation with great perks, and a great group of guys and gals here. I was in law enforcement 15 years ago. I loved it. It is my passion and still is but The flexibility of self employment out weighs it all. I have 2 boys with Autism and my time with them is very important. Call me if you need anything 386-956-3406
  4. Thanks for the welcome. Im very happy. I LOVE to network and help people. I am a positive person, not with out my flaws of coarse. I have spoken in front of many people, My biggest was about a 1200 person room count. I am no stranger to public speaking. Ron has some great stuff out there. I subscribe to his you tube and yours. Am I free to use the UAMCC logo on my website now?
  5. Yes they are, I am on a few. You can test it by signing up. Clearing all the cookies from your computer then search your name. I have had stuff come up that I did not remember doing.
  6. Not me. I don't know what to put on it.
  7. I started to follow Doug Rucker and Ron Musgraves on their you tube posts and they taught me not to overlook opportunities. I quoted a Fujiama restaurant for KEC, He didn't like my price, I sent them a post card, no response. 1 month later another post card , no response. 3 months later they called and ask me if I do windows. My first response was no to myself. I blurted out yes. I got a window account. So to make it worth my while I Looked for more window jobs, I obtained 2 banks. That's 3 now. Monthly gross is $190.00 Not to shabby for a newbie in windows. Total time was 2 hours. My timing will get better as I get faster. My start up cost was $ 64.00. I did the same for Kitchen grease filters, I now have my second business buying new filters. All I do is measure and place the order. Fed ex delivers to them. Gross $100.00 for measuring and placing the order. Start up cost was $23.00. I bought a small filter to keep as a sample to show the quality of my product. Opportunity is there, we need to keep an open mind and be observant. To these customers I will always be the go to guy. I want that. Thats how im growing, What about you?
  8. Dumped. I found my time more productive by learning in the forums.
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