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Found 6 results

  1. I was called out for an Oil Stain Removal at this home in Tomball Texas located outside of Houston. The homeowner had tried a wide variety of products, all store bought. They had all tried pressure washing using high pressure and muriatic acid was also tried. The problem with using most store bought products is they will not work. Most are only strong enough for mild degreasing and are not practical for heavy oil stain treatment. The use of acid products do nothing for oil, and in fact when used in wrong strength, can etch the concrete. Etching the concrete means it removes layers of the cream, and will expose the aggregate in the mix. While it can seem expensive to have a professional company like ours come out and remove the oil and hydro carbons, it can actually save you more money in the long run from causing damage that can't be repaired. At very least, call or text us at 2818838470 and we will be happy to offer any guidance we can. We hate to see it when damage is caused by the ole throw everything at it but the kitchen sink. Our oil stain treatment services are completely safe and will not harm your property.
  2. One of my favorite products to use for oil stains is the Eat Oils BT200....it does a great job of removing oil stains, but you must be patient with it. It's not like a traditional degreaser. It has microbes that eat the oil and grease. It also does a great job on mold and mildew. Normal dwell time is 45 minutes to 1 hour. If you have any questions post them here.
  3. From the album: Rust Stain Removal Houston Texas

    For all your Rust Stain Removal Houston Texas needs call or text us at 2818838470....we can safely remove rust stains from a wide variety of different surfaces and substrates. Don't trust the guy with a jug of Muriatic Acid....we only use safe rust removal products that won't harm the surface.
  4. Here are some pictures of work we today in Houston Texas removing radiator rust from a driveway. As you can tell a couple different contractors tried removing this with not much success. Removing rust stains like this takes time and patience and the right product. This is why we use only the F9 Rust removal products.
  5. We clean a lot of driveways that have fertilizer rust stains. We are professional applicators of the F9 Rust Removal system. It is the only product we use for rust removal because it's the only that works and is also safe to use.
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