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I was called out for an Oil Stain Removal at this home in Tomball Texas located outside of Houston.  The homeowner had tried a wide variety of products, all store bought.  They had all tried pressure washing using high pressure and muriatic acid was also tried.  The problem with using most store bought products is they will not work. Most are only strong enough for mild degreasing and are not practical for heavy oil stain treatment.  The use of acid products do nothing for oil, and in fact when used in wrong strength, can etch the concrete.  Etching the concrete means it removes layers of the cream, and will expose the aggregate in the mix. While it can seem expensive to have a professional company like ours come out and remove the oil and hydro  carbons, it can actually save you more money in the long run from causing damage that can't be repaired.   At very least, call or text us at 2818838470 and we will be happy to offer any guidance we can.  We hate to see it when damage is caused by the ole throw everything at it but the kitchen sink.  Our oil stain treatment services are completely safe and will not harm your property.



Oil Stain Remover.JPG

Oil Stain Treatment Houston.JPG

Oil Stain Removal Houston.JPG

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