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Roof Bids


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Doug I have a question. What is your normal method and rate for bidding shingle roof jobs. I’m just wondering if I am in the right ball park. I don’t loose many but that also makes me wonder if I’m underbidding



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A few different ways I'll price a roof...

1) I shoot for or start with .28-30 cents a square foot.  Higher if Tile

2) I mostly base my price off of the variables of the job, How dirty it is, how much roof debris, gutter debris, pitch, gutters or no gutters, if no gutters is the drip line right above plants or shrubs?, landscaping issues, etc.....some times it basically coms time to what  I think the job is worth and how much time it is.  Sometimes a not so dirty roof can take longer than a real dirty roof, depending on the variables mentioned above. 

There are many around my area that do roofs much cheaper than I, but I stick to my price.  There is a much larger risk factor doing roofs than houses or concrete. 


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